Member Spotlight: Max Frey

    Max Frey | PDC Engineers A RESPEC COMPANY

    In our member spotlight, Max Frey, takes time out of his busy day to chat with SMPS. Max, who’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator at PDC Engineers, shares a glimpse of his life and background.

    How did you find your way to the AEC industry and your current firm?

    I started in sports marketing with an internship at UAF athletics, then moved to the visitor industry at Chena Hot Springs Resort before transitioning back to UAF to work for the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP). Finally, I landed in a philanthropic role in the Development office, also at UAF. Between that position and being surrounded by engineer friends, I discovered I could understand the engineering language enough to join the industry in a marketing and communications capacity.

    What is your favorite part of the job or your most meaningful project? 

    My favorite part of my job is checking off a big project that looks good and everyone is happy with. My next favorite would be tracking down leads in a BD capacity and bringing the info back to our seller-doers.

    What does a typical day look like for you?

    A typical day starts with COFFEE, and plenty of it. I dive into time sensitive emails and try to check off as many non-critical ones as well. Next, I jump into my most pressing project with an eye on meetings and other time critical moments in my schedule. I try to have lunch with my wife every day, who works down the street, and then press repeat for the afternoon.

    What are your challenges? 

    My challenges usually revolve on there being too little of me to go around. There are many people to help and conflicting priorities. My biggest concern is letting my team members down.

    What was a pivotal point in your career?

    Being able to move my family back to where I grew up was transformational. I’ve found a great group of people to work with and I don’t want to work anywhere else. PDC’s merger with RESPEC has also been a pivotal point as the list of great people I work with has only grown. Now, there are even more kindred spirits for me in my marketing world.

    What advice would you give to someone who is about to enter the marketing or business development field? 

    Always stay in touch with your connections and don’t be afraid to apply for positions that are a little outside your comfort zone. Every failed job application or interview is a learning experience allowing you to hone your skills of selling yourself.

    Why is SMPS important to you?

    SMPS has given me a group of people to work with, confide in, and most importantly a pathway to dramatic professional development in the A/E/C industry.

    What’s on your bucket list? 

    Attain my CPSM certification.

    How do you spend your time outside of work?

    I typically spend my free time with my two loud, loveable kids and my supportive wife. We like to spend time outside hiking as a family or going on road trips. I also enjoy getting out with my longtime friends to hunt small game on the weekend or go after the elusive Alaskan high bush rabbit (moose) in the fall.

    What’s the best and worst part of the pandemic for you?

    Time away from friends and family. We like to host gatherings and there has been a huge deficit of that this year.

    What do you look forward to most in a post-COVID world?

    Definitely travel. We’ve wanted to go on a tropical vacation for years.

    Who inspires you? Who do you consider a role model?

    I’m careful not to idolize anyone because everyone has their failings. I try to learn lessons from people I’ve known in my private life and the real movers and shakers I’ve worked closely with. I’ve been blessed with a wide range of individuals to spend time with that all have different mannerisms, opinions, and drivers.

    Who do you want to switch places with for a day?

    A sketch show writer. I can imagine there is stress involved just like any other job but surrounding myself with people of the same mindset all with the goal of making their audience bust a gut would be right up my alley.

    Would you rather attend a sporting event, concert, or neither?

    Sporting event. Just about any sport you watch live will get you energized with the crowd. Concerts can be fun but depends on the band.

    Guilty pleasure: What can you not live without? 

    In the last couple years, I’ve picked up the vice of Islay scotch. I don’t indulge on a weekly basis (who can afford that!) but I like to pick up a bottle every couple of months or so. I’m not at a point in my career where I have a decanter of Lagavulin 16 on my desk, but a guy can dream…

    If you could be a superhero, who would you choose to be?

    I haven’t thought too much about this since I was little, but I’ve always enjoyed the dream of being able to fly. So much that as a kid I thought I’d give it a try and jumped off the couch with scream of, “SUPERMAN”. Yep, that ended with a severely sprained ankle and a hard-learned lesson about gravity.