Thinking about joining us? Membership applications and renewals are spearheaded by SMPS Headquarters. Annual membership dues are $390 for professionals, $25 for students and $30 for retired members. There is a one-time $50.00 origination fee for professionals.

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    Have some questions about being a member? Email our Membership Director [email protected]!

    Over the next few months we will be exploring the top 10 benefits that SMPS can offer your Career.  

    SMPS offers a multitude of membership benefits both on the national level and on the local chapter level. Membership with SMPS offers deeply discounted rates that saves nearly 50% on educational events.  In addition to saving those discounts we offer member-only events that are completely FREE to members.  These include membership networking mixers, educational MiX sessions, and new this year we are offering project tours completely free for members!

    But the benefits don't stop there!  Resources that are available at no charge to members also include:

    • MySMPS - a digital space for topic forums, sample tools, membership database NATIONWIDE, and access to all research, whitepapers, articles, and job boards!
    • Marketer Magazine - this top-of-the-line resource is LOADED with valuable publications that are specific to this AEC industry.  Articles included in each monthly magazine range from technology trends to interview tactics to help land the next big job!  Where else can you get this resource free of charge?
    • Learning Labs - Quarterly SMPS Headquarters offers a learning lab completely free to members.  Join us for the next live virtual session for training on various topics to help you in your job.
    • Mentorship - On a local level, our chapter offers our members the opportunity for mentorship.  Our program offers value to participants at every level of experience! Through mentorship you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge in nearly every aspect of your job, tailored to your individual needs!
    • Scholarship - Who wants free money?!?!?!  I do, I do!!!  Each year, our local chapter sets aside scholarship funds to offer our members. The application process is easy and the funds can be used for all things education.  Do you want to go to Regional or National Conference? Take a course at UAA? Or even some specialized training on tools such as Adobe?  We have you COVERED!
    • Leadership Opportunities - The absolute best way to get the most from your membership is to GET INVOLVED!  As with any tool, you get out of it, what you put into it!  Joining a committee is easy to do and the fastest way to grow your network in this community.  Become a leader in your profession through volunteering in this association! 

    “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” right?

    Since joining SMPS in 2011, I would say the connections, and frankly, true friends I have made are the biggest long-term benefit I have gained from being a member of SMPS.

    There is something unique about what we do in this industry, and knowing this tight knit community faces the same triumphs and tribulations has been truly rewarding in helping me grow as a professional and taking my firm to the next level.

    Generally, I know if I am facing a challenge, I can talk to one of my SMPS peers and usually walk away with an action plan for resolution. In the same light, if I need to celebrate a victory, my SMPS family is going to pull out the bubbly and celebrate with me.

    When I commit to going to an SMPS event, I can count on bouncing ideas off my peers and having meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals.  One thing is for sure though, you get out of relationships what you put into them!  Make a concerted effort to be present when you are in attendance and put yourself out there.  However uncomfortable it may be initially, it will pay dividends!

    As with any association membership, attending the SMPS Alaska Chapter events is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the most from your membership.  Our programs committee is committed to providing quality programs that speak directly to our members!  In preparation for each new year, our committees and board members come together to plan the upcoming educational programs.  Topics are decided based on previous program survey results ( YES we listen to what you have to say ) and current trends in our local economy. We have several types of educational programs: 

    • Luncheons - These monthly programs are designed to be business development focused.  Topics ranging from client panels for business development to how to land the next big job with interview and presentation tactics.
    • Marketing Information Exchange (MIX) - These informal sessions are held monthly and are usually geared toward developing skills for marketers and technical staff.  From proposal writing and use of graphics to marketing budgets and strategic plans.  
    • Mini Confrerence - Once a year our local chapter offers a unique opportunity to participate in a half day program that dives deep into business development in the A/E/C industry.
    • Project Tours - Free for members!!!  Get a behind the scenes look at project development in our community.  Do you have a project that is new and exciting!  Contact Pearl-Grace Pantaleone at Cornerstone General Contractors at [email protected] to set up a tour!  What better way to highlight your work?!?!?



    ....... develop relationships, and receive training on soft skills that’s so important to what we do.  SMPS is a top-notch organization that is well worth the time and money!” ~Ken Ratcliffe, PE, President/Principal Electrical Engineer, AMC Engineers

    Client interaction is what most SMPS Alaska members rave about after attending our events.  We regularly provide opportunities for members to experience in person meetings with clients to help build solid relationships.  This happens during our educational events as well as our members-only networking events.  In addition to being in attendance, many of our members take advantage of sponsoring events to get exclusive facetime with their clients prior to the event.  We’ve been told that this time with the client is valuable and oftentimes offers up information that would not otherwise be communicated.