Work From Home (WFH) Tips and Tricks

    #togetherwearestronger!  During these times we are all facing similar situations.  How do we manage the professional workload, kids schedules for schooling, housework, and maintaining our sanity all in a good days work?  While we are all facing similar scenarios we have unique approaches to share.  Her are a few tips and tricks that our Board of Directors are using to get throught the daily grind.

    Start the Day Strong

    • Wake up and the normal time (ok you can use the commute time to snooze a couple times)
    • Get ready for the day as normal – shower (please), get dressed, eat a good breakfast with the family


    Get Organized and Stay Focused

    • Work in a dedicated space if you can. Creating a separation helps keep the focus.
    • Create a schedule and task list of things to do today
    • Be flexible/adaptable – things come up, kids need support during the day, be available even if that means you have to put in extra time on your work some other time.
    • Print a free daily or weekly calendar and chart out the kids schedules
    • Time share with spouses at home to share the workload
    • Block out time for tasks. Say 1 hour with no interruptions that is focused on a single tasks or as many tasks you can do in that one hour.  Then take a break
    • Check in daily with your team
    • Be responsive to requests – this is more important now with working from home.


    Create Balance

    • Give yourself breaks during the day to fill your bucket and connect with the family, lunch outside for everyone to have fresh air
    • Give yourself Grace – stuff happens, take it one day at a time.
    • Lean in. We are all facing the same situation.  Enjoy the extra time with your family. Get creative with connecting with others.


    Finish the Day Strong

    • Get outside and do something as a family. You earned it.
    • Limit your connectivity if your workload allows it
    • WINEd down. Celebrate the day!

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