Message from the President

    Greetings A/E/C Enthusiasts!

    My name is Katy Kless and I have the honor of serving you this year as your SMPS Alaska Chapter President.  Since April, I have been gearing up to lead this chapter to a new level and I have an amazing troop aside me ready to take on the 2019/2020 program year!

    In July, our new board met to plan our path forward for the year.  After determining what has been successful for the chapter in the past, and where we can improve, we developed our new goals for the year. You can expect our team to follow through with awareness and adding to the value of membership, increasing engagement opportunities, and stepping up the quality and diversity of our programming!

    September is a super busy month for your SMPS board.  We are kicking off our new year with tremendous energy and new ideas for you! We plan to shake things up a bit for programming.  Don’t worry, if you filled out surveys during our past programs, we listened (NO MORE AIRLINE CHICKEN…  noted)!  You love the luncheons being focused around clients and BD, and our Marketing Information Exchange (MiX) sessions are still geared to honing those marketing skills. But we also plan to enhance those experiences for our attendees.

    For me, running an organization like the SMPS Alaska Chapter is only possible with the best soldiers. Being a troop means watching each other’s backs, stepping in where needed, and working as a team to one unified goal…..VICTORY. 

    Let me take a brief minute to give a shout out to my 2019/2020 board:

    President-Elect – Michelle Pasion with AMC Engineers. Take it all in!  This year will truly fly by and you will be in the driver seat next year! I would have it no other way!  You will CRUSH IT (on time and organized beyond belief)!

    Past President – Sarah Hall with R&M Consultants. Working with you the past several years on the Board has been so much fun!  You have such enthusiasm for the organization, and we have all benefitted from your ‘Gett’er Done’ attitude.  Thank you for paving the path for me this year and for being my co-pilot for the next year!

    Treasurer – Melissa McCarty with Coffman Engineers. PAYBACKS!  Just kidding…. Kind of!  What can I say Sis?  The past couple years with you have been a BLAST!  You are a rockstar and I cannot wait to see where this position takes you! Thank you for stepping into this large roll and just know I am just a few hundred feet away!  YOU GOT THIS!

    Secretary – Karma Torres with Architects Alaska. Thank you so much for taking on the role of Secretary! It is a very important role and you are already exceeding expectations!  Your attention to detail and the willingness to make it all happen without even being asked to do it, will undoubtably make my year as President a piece of cake (I like german chocolate if your taking requests)!

    Programs – Pearl-Grace Pantaleone with Cornerstone General Contractors. PG I remember the first day I met you at your first SMPS event.  You have taken every challenge we have given you on the Board with passion and absolutely overdelivered! That is why I asked you to take on programs!  I have faith that you will make this years’ programs a successful one and I love the direction you are taking it!  STAY TUNED PEOPLE, PG is a rising star!

    Education – Melissa Branch with Big City Engineers.  You.are.captivating!!! The way you work a room is something special and your laughter is infectious! Your involvement with our programing has been so crucial to delivering quality events to not just the marketing folks but the technical staff as well.  We are really lucky to have you leading education this year!

    Communication – Joann Mitchell with Kinney Engineering.  Man oh man… where do I even start?  Since you joined the Board you have dedicated your time to making SMPS GREAT AGAIN (see what I did there?!?)! Communications is a HUGE role and probably one of the most crucial roles to a successful association. This year will have its challenges for sure with StarChapter. But honestly, I could not think of a better person to tackle it!  Thank you for leaning in and taking on something that will grow our organization to new heights!

    Membership – Cynthia Oistad with Arcadis.  I am really excited for you in this role!  We have been working hard the past few years to create an engaging experience for our members and I have no doubt you are the person to take this to the next level! Thank you for committing to our membership and I cannot wait to see your goals for this year take action!

    Sponsorship – Karin McGillivray with Michael Baker International.  MUCHO GRACIAS to you for joining our Board this year!  I am very excited to get to know you on a deeper level. It takes a village to make sponsorship successful and just know, that we are ALL behind you 100%. 

    Outreach – Kate Hostetler with KPB Architects.  You are the perfect person for this role Kate!  Your out of the box thinking and passion for working with people will take our chapter far this year!  The goals you have for this position are so great and I look forward to spending the year positioning this chapter in our community with you!

    Chapter Advisor – Andrea Story with R&M Consultants.  THANK YOU 1 MILLION TIMES!  I am honored you have chosen to take this role and assist me in creating the vision for the chapter for many years to come.  We are lucky to have you integrated into the Board.  Your willingness to help with anything I have asked might just get you in trouble, but I sincerely appreciate it! 

    And… last but certainly not least…. Our Members and FUTURE Members (😊)
    You are what keeps us driven to provide quality programing, networking, and growth opportunities.  Let your voices be heard.  Tell us what you want, what you really, really want (a little Spice Girls action to get the Monday going)!  Do you need more training on Networking?  Refined your skills with programs like Adobe Suite or social media?  Or just have some personal goals for your career?  We want to help!

    It is my main goal this year to ensure that we are providing value and opportunities! So… send your ideas my way!

    Take full advantage of your membership and GET INVOLVED!  Ask anyone on the board, and they will tell you it is by far the best way for personal growth and firm positioning.

    Stepping off the soapbox now!  Join us in celebrating the new year by attending our September events.

    Ask me anything is designed for you!  Topics that we have heard you want to learn more about in a fun interactive atmosphere. Come with an open mind and bring a friend on September 17th!

    Good Enough for Government Work will provide valuable insight from the AEC perspective marketers that are engaged in federal work and from a resource that is designed to help firms position for government contracts. Geared for Marketing and Technical folks. Come one come all on September 19th!


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