Webinar Rental

Webinar Library Rentals

For SMPS Alaska Chapter members only!

All SMPS Alaska members are welcome to rent pre-recorded webinars from our library for $50 (two weeks). Contact Kelsey Parpart at education@smpsalaska.org if you’re interested in one of the following titles or would like to learn more about our webinar rental program.

  • 10 Steps for Launching an Award-Winning Communications Program
  • Beyond Strategic Planning: Developing Competitive Strategies to Build
  • Defining Your Competitive Differentiators
  • Don’t Put Your Socks on in the Dark: Building a Business Development Process for Your Firm
  • Effective Marketing with Twitter
  • Financial Management for Marketing & Business Development Professionals
  • How to Use the SF330 Form to Your Advantage & WIN
  • Ignite Your Marketing Program to Action: Client Surveys
  • Winning Strategies for Powerful Project Interviews, Q&A Sessions, & Owner Debriefings